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Sony PDW-F70 (PDWF70) XDCAM HD Deck

Description: A fully featured XDCAM HD deck offering multiple interfaces designed to fit into SD or HD infrastructure. The PDW-F70 is designed to place XDCAM HD at the heart of any existing infrastructure - it can as easily be connected to a composite analogue world as a digital file-based workflow. At the touch of a button, the PDW-F70 can up or downconvert any input/output signal in real-time with complete transparency. It is as easy to plug in an entry-level DV camcorder as a top-of-the-range HDCAM VTR. The PDW-F70 features a comprehensive array of interfaces as standard. Using either a built-in the LCD screen or a monitor, you have full access to all the benefits of the advanced XDCAM workflow with Scene Selection, Thumbnail operations and high-speed file-based editing.

Features: This Sony professional deck has been designed to provide the very best features at the very best price - there's no need to compromise on quality, functionality or results! Real-time SD output Even when recording in MPEG HD, the PDW-F70 outputs a real-time SD signal via SDI, i.LINK DV out and composite out, further enhancing versatility and operational compatibility (eg with monitors or recording equipment on location.)

Over/Undercranking 1-60P Support
The PDW-F70 fully supports the Over/Undercranking feature of the PDW-F350 and will play back this content. HD 1080 Recording at Selectable Frame & Bit Rates XDCAM HD products can record video signals in 1080/59.94i, 50i, 29.97P, 25P and native 23.98P - using a "MPEG HD" codec with industry standard MPEG-2 compression. The user can also select the following bit rates; 35, 25 or 18Mb/s depending on picture quality and recording length requirements. Choosing the highest bit rate of 35Mb/s results in a recording time of approximately 60 minutes, while choosing 18Mb/s provides a recording time of approximately 120 minutes - the longest recording time offered by any current HD camcorder. MPEG HD images are recorded at 1440x1080 pixels with 4:2:0 sampling.

DVCAM Recording and Up/Down conversion
To maximise HD/SD workflow flexibility, all XDCAM HD decks can record in the ubiquitous DVCAM format with a choice of NTSC/PAL and 16:9/4:3 modes. In addition, both camcorder and decks incorporate a down-conversion capability that allows material recorded in the MPEG HD format to be converted to DV signals and output via the i.LINK port - enabling users to edit the material using compatible DV-based nonlinear editors. DV/DVCAM footage can also be upconverted. DVCAM is recorded at 25Mb/s allowing approximately 85 minutes recording per disc. In NTSC mode, sampling is 4:1:1 with 480 active lines per frame. In PAL mode, sampling is 4:2:0 with 576 active lines per frame.

High-quality Audio Recording
XDCAM HD products can record two or four-channel, 16-bit, 48-khz uncompressed (Linear PCM) audio - delivering high sound quality.

File-based Disc Recording
Because the XDCAM system records video and audio as IT-type files rather than a linear AV stream, XDCAM HD products offer a range of tremendous benefits.
• Instant random access to content
• Automatic recording onto empty disc space (no need to worry about overwriting valuable content)
• Easy integration into other IT-based equipment such as Non-Linear Editing and Archiving Systems
• Advanced network-based workflow via i.LINK FAM (File Access Mode) or even Ethernet
• High Speed File Transfer.

Advanced Scene Selection Functionality
The PDW-F70's 16:9 colour LCD displays enables easy access to advanced XDCAM features. For example, a thumbnail display provides immediate access to detailed metadata or key scenes (selected automatically and/or manually) for quickly reviewing content on site. You can even perform simple cuts-only editing on the deck itself. Analogue-like Jog Audio One of the most popular features of Betacam SP decks was the top quality, near-analogue jog audio feature. This is almost exactly reproduced with PDW-F70, which offer near-continuous slow-motion speed down to 1% steps. Noiseless slow-motion is variable from -1.0 to +1.0.

High-quality Slow-motion
Using the same interpolation filter technology as Digital Betacam, XDCAM HD decks offer stable and smooth picture quality during slow motion with minimal vertical jitter in both SD and HD.

High Level of Reliability
XDCAM HD decks share the same platform as the XDCAM SD products which have proven themselves in demanding applications all around the world. As there is no mechanical contact between media and recording heads, a high level of durability and long media life have been achieved. XDCAM products have also demonstrated exceptional resistance to shock, vibrations and extremes of climate. In addition, there is a Silver support pack supplied as standard.

Comprehensive interfaces
The PDW-F70 features a wide-range of input-outputs and interfaces for maximum production flexibility.
• Inputs: HD-SDI, AES/EBU audio, analogue audio, timecode, reference
• Outputs: HD-SDI, Y/Pb/Pr, SD-SDI, RGB, SD analogue composite, AES/EBU audio, analog audio, timecode, XGA/VGA, audio monitor (L/R)
• i.LINK interface supports;
• FAM (HD & DV) In - Out
• DV standard AV/C out (including HD down conversion capability)
• TS (HDV) In - Out (option PDBK-102)
• Other interfaces: RS-422A, RS-232C,
• Ethernet (PDBK-101 option)
• Analogue HD Component Input Board (PDBK-103 option)
• SD Input for HD Up-conversion (PDBK-104 option)

Additional features
IR Remote Commander supplied Metadata recording: UMID, Extended UMID, Essence Marks